Scheduling Process

Scheduling Process

Once we’ve agreed to work together on a tattoo, I then schedule a one hour consultation with you by email (normally this is at the studio, but for long distance clients this can sometimes be done by email and phone). It’s helpful to bring images that relate to your tattoo idea to the consultation. During the consultation I talk to you about what the tattoo means to you and how you want it to look on your body to yourself and others. The consultation process is one of my favorite aspects of tattooing – many images on this site have evolved during a very rich interaction between myself and a client to become something far more interesting than either of us could have envisioned.

If you’re sure of what you want and ready to book your first few appointments at the end of the consultation, I ask for a $200 to $400 deposit (depending on the size of the tattoo), as I do spend a considerable amount of time on each drawing. This deposit goes towards the cost of your last appointment.

The question always arises of how much the tattoo will cost and how long it will take. I charge $190 per hour for cash payments and $200 per hour for credit card payments. How long a piece takes is dependent on how big, complex and colorful the tattoo is. Unfortunately I’ve found that providing accurate estimates for the kind of work that I do to be nearly impossible, so most clients budget for ongoing sessions at regular time intervals (often monthly) and are comfortable with two to three hour sessions. The cost of each session is based on the actual hours of tattoo time (stenciling and other non-tattooing time is not charged for).

After the consultation I draw up the tattoo based on the references that we’ve discussed in the consultation. Usually I get the drawing finished one to two weeks before your first appointment. I then email you a scan of the drawing or set up a time for you to come by to see the drawing if it won’t scan well. Sometimes you’ll find there are things that you feel I did not include or interpreted differently than you were expecting based on the consultation. I’m happy to make these changes to the drawing without charge until you are completely satisfied. I’m also happy to incorporate changes you would like that deviate from the specifications that we discussed in the consultation, however I may request that you pay an hourly drawing rate of $100 per hour for further changes. The finished drawing will never be used for any other tattoo as I consider my work to be custom for each client.

And finally – don’t be afraid to ask me questions during the whole process! It’s extremely important to me that all of my clients come away with not only a beautiful new tattoo, but a deeply satisfying memory of the whole experience.

- Marie